Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One Soggy Spook Day

So, our Halloween plans were almost rained out entirely yesterday. Thunderstorms moved in around 4:30 p.m. and were supposed to linger until after nine that night. Fortunately, about 7:30 they let up and we got to take the kids out on the candy hunt. So, now I give you:

MomCat's Observations from a Soggy Halloween:

1. You should probably be concerned when your 6-year-old son announces months before the big day that this year, "he was going to the dark side." Last year, he was an angelic policeman, the year before a heroic firefighter. This year? Darth Vader. I guess i will withhold worry until next year. And, if he comes out wearing Freddie Krueger garb, I will know I'm in deep doo-doo.

2. Pumpkin seeds can and will burn quickly if left unattended by a frazzled MomCat. Son will then attempt to eat burned pumpkin seeds and spit them out making fake barfing motions. Resist the urge to dump seeds on his head if you can.

3. Even if you changed your daughter's costume from adorable butterfly to cute dalmation at the last minute because of the cold winds, she will most certainly display her social butterfly tendencies on the trick-or-treat run. The child can only say a few words, but she managed to say "HI!" and enthusiastically wave to every single person we passed. In addition, she insisted on walking the entire way and would not allow me to help with her bucket at all. This begs the question, perhaps I should be more worried about THIS one rather than Dark-Side Darth?

4. A newly-diagnosed diabetic and a Mount Pinatubo of chocolate candy is NOT a good combination. I am being slowly tortured here. I wasn't even a choco-holic before, but suddenly I'd give my left tah-tah for a mini Mr. Goodbar. What's UP with that?

5. Always prepare yourself for the Halloween aftermath. No, it isn't bashed up pumpkins in your front lawn, nor toilet paper in your trees. It is your kid, WHINING his little fanny off with "Can I have candy now?" "I want candy...pleeease!" You might think this bucket of candy could be used to entice him to do things like, say empty the dishwasher or set the table. But, nooo, instead he'll whine even more and later go into a sugar-induced meltdown that could singe your eyebrows right off. And, you have the excitement in knowing, until you hit the breaking point and the candy magically disappears weeks later, you will have to put up with this EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Mommy retreat updates coming soon, I promise! Now, SOMEONE COME AND SAVE ME FROM THIS CANDY!


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