Monday, November 07, 2005

Milestones for Miss Kitty

I am tempting fate to blog about this already, but I think Miss Kitty may have made the turn on a big milestone this week. We have been about 36 hours without using her pacifier, affectionately known around our house as the "passy" or "passy, passy, poo" (when sung to the Scooby Doo song). And, probably not so coincidentally, she has said more words in that 36 hours than she has in her whole life.

I had suspected for awhile that the precious passy might be part of the reason for her speech delays. This morning alone she has said, "School," "Daddy," "car," "truck," and "girl" all on her stroller ride to take my son to school.

We may be in for some missed naptimes and longer nights the next few days. As those with small children may know, weaning a toddler off of a pacifier is really not that different from detoxing off of say...CRACK. But, so far, she's not had any meltdowns. She has refused to nap today, which leaves me exhausted and grouchy. But, oh least TODAY I have an excuse. HA!

In other news, I was feeling WAY too ambitious today and also looking at a ridiculously scheduled out Monday. So, I thought I could multi-task some by jogging beside my son on his normal bike route to school. So, instead of the bike trailer, I loaded Miss Kitty up in the jogging stroller and off I went.

Perhaps I should have recognized the fact that I have not ran in over a month (OK, maybe even two) and I might be out of shape? And, maybe I should have thought about the fact that I have a serious TIME constraint to get my son to school on time too? Well, several huffs and puffs later and a few short stops to walk, we got there, and on time fortunately, but not before I had a few HEART ATTACKS along the way. What on EARTH was I thinking? This afternoon, I will happily jump on the bike and be thankful my feet still work well enough to pedal after the morning running attempt/fiasco.

I'm also finalizing some plans for a quick jaunt to see my old pals in Austin, where we lived for several years right out of college. I always look forward to catching up with these friends and usually try to several times a year. Well, I haven't been since a quick trip last January. I am in serious Austin withdrawal about now! So, I may be scrambling to make cookies, casseroles and other things to take to turkey day at my folks the following week from getting back, but I'm GOING to Austin to see my friends. (I won't say come hell or high water, because the last time I said that we were hit by Rita, the hurricane that wasn't.)

So, how about your Thanksgiving plans? And, do you have any tips for weaning off of small rubber sucking devices? If so, please, please share!


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