Friday, November 11, 2005

Infected by the BHD

There are some mornings when you just think, let's call this day a wash and all go back to bed and sleep the day away until tomorrow. This was such a morning.

First, my son woke up 45 minutes early and wasn't content to relax or lay in bed with me and watch cartoons. He wanted breakfast and he wanted it right away. Then, he really had been begging all week to walk or ride his scooter to school, rather than the bike or riding the bus. So, we set off, earlier than normal under ominous skies that threatened to rain down on our parade.

And then there was the nasty virus we caught this morning. Have you heard of the bitter "BHD" bug? BHD, more commonly known as "Bad Hair Day" hit us very hard this morning where it the hair-do!

In case you don't believe me, witness Exhibit A:

I know, you may say, well that's not THAT bad. Sure, it is very "George Washingtonesque" in it's curled nature. Or perhaps a little "Ellie Mae Clampett-like" if you took just one of her token pigtails. But, I had the benefit of massive amounts of hairspray to schlaque that puppy into submission. (And, please be impressed with the kind of acrobatics that it took to even TAKE this picture of the back of my head!)

Next, I give you, Exhibit B:

Poor Miss Kitty...this was even after brushing it. The light wind just took her BHD and spread it all over her little noggin' like fluffy icing on a cake.

And, I've saved the best for last. Here is Exhibit C:

Yes, even Dora had it bad today. Only the name Don King comes to mind when looking at our fair explorer. Somehow it missed my son, fortunately because he is well overdue for his haircut.

Those BHDs can be nasty little viruses, can't they?

Well, a bath, a shower, and a good brushing later and we're all on the mend

Even little Dora is looking much better, as you can see. But, I just wonder, how CAN this day be anything but lousy when we all started off looking like THAT? HA!


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