Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where did the weekend GO???

So, this weekend, my husband and son were set to go on a campout Friday and Saturday nights. Well, plans got changed and they only went for one night, which we all actually preferred. EXCEPT, it meant that I got one less night to scrapbook. I know those of you who do not do this as a hobby, do not understand my obsession. I can't explain it except to say if my house were on fire, I would grab only a few things--the "important" papers, my Bible, and my scrapbooks and pictures. (Oh, yeah, AND my kids. LOL!) And, I can say that 20 years ago, I'd have felt the same way, except I had a whole lot less "important papers" back then.

So, last night, I failed myself, thanks to J.K. Rowling. My daughter is toying with a nap schedule that will probably drive me insane, but it worked to my advantage last night. She took only a 30 to 45 minute nap during the day (compared to her normal 2 hour one) and got cranky from about 5:30 on. And, then she went to bed at 7:15! A full hour, or sometimes two hours, before her normal bedtime. And, I thought to myself, the cropping gods must be smiling on me! And, then I decided to play the third Harry Potter movie we'd saved on the DVR, to view it to see if my son could watch it, as I worked.

Ok, WOW! NO, he can't watch it! But, unfortunately, I could not unglue myself from it to get anything done either! I had heard the books (and movies) got more intense and scary as you got further in the series. I have only read the first one, and seen both the first two movies. This one was quite scary at the beginning, I thought. No, not "Saw" kind of scary movie with people cutting off their own arms, but nightmare-come-to-life kind of scary. The kind of scary that would have my six-year-old crying out all night scared that a giant spider or wolf was hiding under his bed. And, last night with no hubby here, I must admit I checked under mine after watching that!

So, I got barely anything done on my 1-year album for my daughter, who is almost 2 now. Sad, very sad. But, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

Tonight was quite pleasant. My family met a friend of mine and her family for dinner. Can I just say how nice it is to get out and have a margarita with some friends and have your kids semi-entertained by a big sandbox while you dine on fine Mexican food? It was lovely and something we don't do enough that I hope to change. Of course, Miss Kitty was hitting her cranky high right about the time we left, but these friends have twins and another 6-year-old daughter, so I am hoping they already understand the cranky thing.

That is all for tonight. I'm off to enjoy a nice hot bubble bath courtesy of my nice (and hot--hehe!) husband who thoughtfully stopped at my favorite girly bath store after doing his shopping the other night. I didn't even ask him to--he did it just because he'd heard me whine about being out of bubble bath. You know, the small things like that when you've been married as long as we have are quite lovely surprises.


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