Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kids gone wild...

This is what can happen to otherwise normal and somewhat well-behaved children when you decide to go ahead and make those sugary cinnamon rolls to go along with your breakfast casserole at dinner. Parents, you have been forewarned...


Blogger Karen Rani said...

Ha ha ha! Good thing I'm too lazy/busy to bake!

8:45 AM, October 25, 2006  
Anonymous Vicki said...

lol, but the cinnamon rolls are sooo good.

Have a great day!

9:48 AM, October 25, 2006  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Oh, heavens no! I am no baker either. It's called Pillsbury in a can, baby!

10:52 AM, October 25, 2006  
Blogger daysgoby said...

I love your boys' smile - how sweet!
Was there a hint of little-sister-torture going on?

Yeah, we have that here too.

11:44 AM, October 25, 2006  

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