Monday, February 19, 2007

Lots Lost, and a Little Found...

The past few weeks have all been about being lost, I think.

First, my favorite show, "Lost" has resumed. My family gave it mixed reviews with the bizarre Desmond time-travel twist. I personally loved it. But, then, I loved The Time Traveler's Wife and think that sort of stuff is fascinating if not taken too far. So, I'm so happy to be back into "Lost" again.

But, there have been other stories of being lost that we've been bombarded with lately. Lost was Anna-Nicole--in her life, in her problems, into whatever it was that plagued her and destroyed her life. So, lost, in fact that I think she was rather sad. Did she have anyone to trust? Or was she drawing to herself the type of people that she, in fact was? Whomever or whatever killed Anna, no one can deny that her death was as tragic as many points of her life. And, when I think about her son's death, coupled with just having had a baby and postpartum depression possibilities along with her many other problems, it is no wonder she lost her battle with life. Let's hope her baby doesn't wind up with the same fate as she grows up to custody battles and power-plays over her money.

Whether it is drugs or post-partum or both for Britney, the latest shots of her shaved head and her erratic behavior scream out to me that she's so very lost. In her case, while I know she's a publicity hound and I typically despise those types of celebrities, I feel sorry for her. She seems so very immature for her age and I really feel like she's breaking down. Yes, she is rich and could pay for a shrink. Yes, life is all about those choices. But, she's a beautiful girl and she just seems to be spiralling downward. The paparazzi may think that the world loves to see this on front page news, but I for one do not. I pray that she finds herself and gets it together soon. What a talent to be wasting away as she is.

And, amidst all of this losing of ones self, I discovered a little something that I think may help me find myself and keep me grounded. I don't know if you all caught The Secret show on Oprah and then her follow-up show on the thought-provoking DVD/book, but they really spoke to me. The show was all about the energy you put out, and the laws of attraction.

I grew up the daughter of an optimistic and easily-forgiving father and extremely pessimistic and fatalist mother. I love them both. For a good portion of my life, I spent it thinking as my mother does, of the worst. I get my lovely dark sense of humor from her, so it isn't all bad! But, as I've grown older and I've had the pleasure of watching how my mother-in-law lives her life, as well as my own father and husband, I have learned a lot about choosing a better outlook on things. Oprah's show dealt with this topic, and using that to find success in your life. It was fascinating and it really hit home with me. I look forward to checking out The Secret DVD or book soon.

Facing our life with gratitude for the blessings we do have, as well as a focus on positivity in the future, can only bring positive energy our way. If you have the emotional maturity to take something out of even the worst situation, and realize that you can learn and grow as a person in the face of tragedy and sadness, then you are truly evolved. That is my goal in life--to let go of the negative, the self-loathing and dwelling on the bad, and face the light--the positive and hopeful. And, it is the mindset that I hope to teach my children to take on as they grow up as well.

So, I've found my life path now, and I no longer feel lost! And, how's that for a blog title tie-in?

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Blogger Carol said...

I watched that Oprah, too. It was really good for me as well. I, too, will try to focus on gratitude...not just my home, family, etc., but myself. I need to love myself - especially my body. That's the hardest.

11:19 PM, February 19, 2007  
Blogger Masked Mom said...

Don't you love it when it all comes together in the end? ;)

7:45 AM, February 20, 2007  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Ahhh...Carol, we still share so much in common!

MM--most definitely!

10:01 PM, February 20, 2007  
Anonymous Angela said...

Oh, I just have to say I ADORE The Time Travelers Wife. I listened to the audio version in the car and I had to pull over because I was sobbing so hard at the end! So yeah, I also loved the Desmond twist ;)

10:40 AM, February 26, 2007  

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