Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hissing Mad MomCat

OK, I am seriously irritated with that show that I refuse to name on this blog now. First, at last night's "gives back" show, they teased that one of my all-time favorite competitors was going to be performing. Then, as it turns out, he didn't perform live at all--but instead they played his song and showed video of he and the band in Africa with the children.

Look, I am glad celebrities are using their fame and wealth for these sort of things. But, seeing Chris Daughtry sing on a video with people crowded around him, versus seeing him in a nice pair of tight pants on the stage...well, I was very let down to say the least.

Now, tonight, my favorite performer and eye-candy, Michael Johns, was cut. I don't know what happened. There were several that I believe should have gone before him, although I knew he probably wouldn't win. I just felt like he should at least make the top 5, and maybe even the top 3.

But, worse than that, was pip-squeeky little Seacrest's handling of it--telling Johns he had the lowest votes. Then, teasing that last year they didn't cut on the Idol Gives Back week. Then, just pausing long enough for you to see the hope on Johns' face, and then telling him he was going home after all.

Not to mention, I thought he sang GREAT and I loved the song he picked.

And, I read online today that the rumors are that David Archuletta has something like 40 percent of the vote each week. Teenagers and little old ladies, no doubt. Sigh.

Oh, I'm so grumpy now...grrr...



Blogger Nicole said...

I am still in shock. When they said he was bottom 3, I said, well at least we know Michael is safe! I was so wrong. And I thought Ryan was a jerk about the whole thing, too. He seemed to enjoy it way too much. Maybe it's envy since he's vertically challenged.

2:58 PM, April 11, 2008  

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