Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hot for the E-V-OO...

I'm here today to call someone out. That someone is my husband. And, what am I calling him out for?

A secret crush. One that he's trying to hide from me even, but I am SO on to him.

Hubs, I know you have one that's been slowly developed over the years. And, I'm here today to expose it for all of its glory.

I know you have a thing for Rachel Ray.

You can try to deny it all you want, but it is very obvious to me. I have watched Ray for years, but it wasn't until she got her own daytime show, that I noticed YOU watching her too. The cute outfits, the better hairdo, the bubbly persona that came out of her in this new show must have gotten your attention.

It was just small comments at first. Once when I commented on how people either love or despise her, you said you couldn't imagine why people wouldn't like her.

You never complained when I put on her show at night like you do with my scrapbooking shows.

Then, the comments on the clothes she wears...though subtle, were completely out-of-character for you. (Similar to the ones you make about Stacey London on What Not to Wear, but that's a whole other one I won't discuss today.) (grin)

And, then last night as I was watching the end of my recording from the day, you posed the question, "I wonder how old she is?" When I told you mid-thirties, you said you just couldn't believe that. Her face just looks so young. (Incidentally, she's 39, dear. Older than both of us. I just looked it up.)

So, I'm exposing your crush on all things E-V-OO. Why? Could it be because it is your birthday today and I like to give you grief??? Neh....

But, maybe it is also because it doesn't really bother me. There have been some much worse selections you've made in celebrity crushes over the years (Honesty, honey...Denise Richards? That is sooo ewwww...)

So, if you choose to like my favorite cook who likes and enjoys food, has some hutz-pah to her, and doesn't look like a plastic barbie, then it kind of pleases me actually. Enjoy it. Hell, douse yourself in Extra Virgin nightly if you want. In the meantime, I'll be trying to continue to hide my little crush on a certain American Idol winner who is a good 10 years my junior...(grin)

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, oh person who will be older than me for two whole weeks. Consider yourself as getting off lucky with this silly post as there are MUCH worse things I could have written you know...

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Blogger Nicole said...

That's cute! And happy birthday to the two of you! Funny, I don't mind when my hubby has a celebrity crush as long as I think she's cute, too. But it bugs me when he goes for trashy people. And he's learned to live with my crush on Grant from Ghost Hunters ;-)

2:00 PM, July 11, 2008  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Too funny, Nicole!

My husband finally read this last night and flatly denies it saying I'm WAY off base with this one.

Still, he managed to sit through a segment last night I was watching on whether or not single women in their thirties should have casual sex just for fun or not. Veeery interesting....

2:43 PM, July 11, 2008  

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