Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's chirping over at Twitter today...

Sometime days you only have time to chirp away on Twitter all day and can't get it together enough to form a blog post. So, what do you do?

Why you just post a list of your tweets for the day to A>establish that you do have actual THOUGHTS during the day, but B>simultaneous prove that you might, in fact, be certifiably insane for those thoughts.

For example, here's where my mind wandered today--for your enjoyment, for those who aren't on Twitter:
  • Things that annoy me--white tags sewn into decorative pillows. You can't cut them off w/out leaving some tag or cutting up the pillow. GAH!
  • Tried the ripping technique with the second pillow I bought. Almost tore the fabric. Damn commie pillow manufacturers...
  • Queen size pillow cases for the sheets when I have standard. GAH! I think I'm having an Andy Rooney kind of day...
  • Why don't Euro pillows look on my bed like they do in the picture? All I wanted was 2 free my guest room from its quilted tomb of 10 yrs!
  • Dear European pillow maker--what is the purpose of your pillow shape? Do Europeans enjoy square un-ergonomic pillows? Are they more narrow people?
  • Strange non-political observation o' the day--my son's Shane Battier (Houston Rockets) bobblehead looks almost exactly like Barack Obama...
  • YES!!!! My consulting boss finally is sending me work! FINALLY!
  • @momster That reminds me, I need 2 finish sewing up my daughter's stocking so she have it this year. You know, since she's 4-1/2...grin
  • Realizing I too have trouble remembering which all those tiny northern states are--but trying to hide that from my 9 year old...very sad.
  • As cliche as it sounds, I could really use a freakin' V-8 right now.



Anonymous Sabrina said...

I've got to get over there and figure out that Twitter thing. I always feel a step behind in this techno world!

1:02 PM, October 27, 2008  

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