Friday, July 29, 2005

The girl behind the blog

I had an interesting experience today. When I first started reading blogs and blogging on my own, one of the first I stumbled across was The Sarcastic Journalist. I guess the name or something piqued my curiosity. I was a Journalism major many ages ago and, Lord knows I've been told I'm a smart-ass on more than one occasion.

So, I started reading this gal's blog and found it pretty darn funny. "SJ" has a nice dark sense of humor and loves to shock people with her blunt-but-hilarious take on life in her world. And, then I learned she lives not far from me. So, I casually mentioned in a comment not long ago that she should come and check out my moms' group sometime.

I was hosting playgroup this week and invited her. And, lo and behold, she came! It was really interesting meeting someone who I've only known through a blog! And her daughter, Ellie, was adorable and my little girl made quick friends with her. I must admit though, I was a tad nervous. I mean, having her in my house was a little like having a blogging celebrity stop by. A mere mention of my blog on her site got mine little "blog-that-could" more hits than it has ever had. (Thanks, by the way S.J.!)

And, when it was said and done, I think it went OK and she didn't leave TOO traumatized (I hope!)

So, S.J., thanks for coming by. We had a small group today and because of that I don't know if you can even tell if our group is your cup of tea. You might have run away in fear (HA!) even, but it was great meeting you nonetheless!


Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

I read SJ's blog- It sounds like she's going through a tough time. Hell, it sounds like we're all going through a tough time. Why can't we tell each other this in person? I don't mean you and me, but women in general?
In the short time I've been blogging, I feel like I've found more kindred spirits online than I have in person during the entire five years I've lived in my town. I like the anonymity of blogs and the ability to read and write whenever it's convenient for me. But it would be cool to meet some of these smart, sassy women in person. You're pretty lucky you got the chance!
And thanks for the Hubs advice- I'm going to try it. He's something of a hothead, but he's also mellowing with age, so it might just work!

5:16 PM, July 29, 2005  
Anonymous sarcastic journalist said...

I had fun. I admitted it, even though halfway through that hour long drive there I started thinking "what am I doing?"

It was nice to get out with nice "normal" people.

But you forgot to tell everyone how I just kind of sit there and eat strawberries.

10:55 PM, July 31, 2005  

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