Wednesday, July 20, 2005

the facts as i see them

Just a quick update since I cannot sleep. Some facts that have come to light in the wake of having my sister and her family here for a week:

1. I will not be quitting my 1 Coke a day habit until they leave. In fact, today it was 2 Cokes...hence the reason I am still awake.

2. I will never understand how my sister and I came from the same womb given our vast difference in spending habits.

3. People who don't take the energy to teach their kids to eat well drive me insane.

4. The best way to enjoy a zoo with your kids is just that--with your kids ONLY. Other people will complain about the Houston heat, hurry through the parts you and your kids love, and then rush back to your house to take a 21/2-hour nap while you wash dishes, play with your kids (who refuse to nap) and then wake up rejuvenated while you feel like a beat-up old tire on the side of the road.

5. Never give up. I learned this from watching Million Dollar Baby tonight. Actually, what I learned was, if you're redneck/white trash, never give up until you wind up a vegetable in a hospital begging for the plug to be pulled out. But, I digress.

6. If you take a few days break from blogging, when you come back late one night to read some of your favorite blogs, you will find that THEY TOO are gone to lah-lah land. Sigh. What is going on, people?

7. With age can bring wisdom, but NOT ALWAYS. Some people will never have sense with things like money and there is nothing you can do to change it.

8. People who hold resentments against family for years and years, really make me sad. (I'll blog more on this later.) They are family, and as much as they can drive you nuts, they are blood. So, let it go and live, laugh and love more.

OK, that's all I have. I'm getting tired. I will blog more sometime soon. Today we tacked the zoo. Tomorrow it is our beloved Children's Museum. If they don't like this place, I give up. Wish me luck!!!


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