Monday, September 04, 2006

No laboring over this blog post...

I've gone and done it again...gotten myself into something for which I feel entirely unqualified.

Months ago, I read about a collaborative journaling project of one of my favorite bloggers. You may remember, I did a postcard project for Christina awhile back.

Well, I think of a journal and feel comfortable and secure in my writing, so I signed on happily. Only, I wasn't thinking about the fact that I'd be included among artists who do some incredible work, and writing is merely the cherry on top of their artistic masterpieces in this journal. AAAGH! So, now I'm stuck pondering the theme and hoping I can find a way to visually interpret what I so often do through the written word. Stay tuned, I'll post whatever I end up doing on here in the weeks to come.

I am finding that my blogging has become really chatty and less planned and thematic this summer. Perhaps it is because I have had little time to think ahead about things I'd like to write about. But, as I read bloggers who so eloquently post about their past, I find myself missing that part of my writing again. So, very soon you can expect some more introspective and serious posts, most likely.

Would someone please get a message to Jessica Simpson for me? It's very important. You see, I haven't ever really hated Jessica like most women in our fair country. She has really enviable hair and a killer body, she was married to one of the hottest guys out there, and she isn't a part of that bulimic/boney trend in celebrity land. (Being a curvy girl myself, I have to stand up for ample-cupped divas near and far!)

So, I laughed along with the Chicken of the Sea/dumb blonde act. The cheesy variety show attempt nearly lost me completely though. Then, with the whole Daisy Duke thing, well I tried to just look the other way. But, then she dumps Nick. And, now, she's actually trying to sing one of my favorite songs by one of the best female singer/songwriters out there. PLEASE! I tried to listen with an open mind. But, nobody can sing "Let Him Fly" like Patty. No one! Especially not Simpson, with her cutesy high-pitched pipes. (Listen and compare the two if you don't believe me.) Jess, please stick to your 80s dance hits (I L-O-V-E Dead or Alive, but I actually don't hate her version of You Spin Me Round) and light and fluffy pop songs. I can still tolerate you if you stay in that arena, but don't mess with my Patty...

As the mother of a 7-year-old who loves this guy, I was completely saddened to hear about Steve Irwin's death while filming with stingrays earlier today. If you don't know yet, he was accidentially pierced in the heart by one of their barbed tails. I know a lot of people made fun of his crazy t.v. persona, and many criticized him for taking his baby in with the crocs, but a lot of people don't realize the amazing contribution he made to animal preservation around the world. I know I learned a ton of things I'd have never known just watching his show now and then with my kid. My son doesn't know that Croc Hunter died yet. I'm not looking forward to telling him...

We spend our Labor Day in my hometown celebrating my niece's 4th birthday with about 30 complete strangers and my family. I would love to detail out the party and talk about some of the many guests I met. But, I ended up decorating the cake, cleaning about half of the house and playing hostess the entire time. I predicted that it would be like this, so I did a pretty good job of not getting too annoyed by it in the end.

Worst pre-party moment: When I realized that even after my folks had vacuumed only a few days prior to our arrival, that my husband still had to empty 2 huge vacuum cleaner cups (about a 24-32 oz sized cup) full of cat hair as he vacuumed around just before the party. (Did I mention that my parents have 4 cats and aren't the best in the cleaning department?)

Most bizarre party moment: When a very rambunctious 7-year-old led a parade of pre-K party goers in a rampage against my mother's fatter-than-fat cat. "Kill the cat! Kill the cat!" She shrieked as she chased the poor cat all over the house. In the end, the poor portly kitty wedged himself behind a sofa and stayed there for many hours after everyone had left. We had to check him to make sure his heart had not, in fact, given out from the stress of it all.

Most disturbing parenting moment: When a highly annoying girl from my past decided to scare her kid out of asking again if he could play outside or at the park. "NO! The park is gone. I told you, they burned it down! We can never, EVER, go there again!" (She laughed, seeming amused with herself, while the child hysterically cried and I gasped aloud at her cruelty.)

Best part of the weekend: Because of said vacuuming, there were no allergy attacks, no asthma flare-ups or a miserable child and husband because of the cats. And, my kids behaved GOOD and actually had a great time playing with their cousin. Oh, and my sister actually THANKED me very sincerly for all the work I did!

I am rambling aimlessly and this is boring. I may just delete off after I post it. So, read fast and comment even faster! HA! Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!


Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Well, you survived! I'm glad your sister thanked you. That makes it all worth while, doesn't it?

That poor cat! Where were the parents of that obnoxious 7 year old? I bet we hear about that child in the news in a few years... Oh and that stupid mother who said the park burned down... OMG! What's with her??

Glad to have you back!!

4:47 AM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger Babs said...

I've been impressed by Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson doing those Proactiv commercials. I mean, who wants to admit they have bad skin? I know they're getting paid, but still... Seems like alot of celebrities wouldn't want to be that honest.

and that mother and the park burning down? OMG. That's awful!

12:05 PM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger Babaloo said...

Blogger doesn't let me comment here sometimes...I'm starting to take it personally! Anyway, your story about your niece's party is a nice reminder about making the best of things when you really just want to be annoyed. This is something I am trying to be better at.
What kind of mother terrorizes her child like the one you talked about? SCARY!

6:33 PM, September 06, 2006  
Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Babaloo, don't take it personally. It must be blogger. In fact, I was taking it personally that I've been getting so few of comments lately, but I guess now I know why! LOL!

7:22 PM, September 06, 2006  

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