Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The MomCat Weighs In

Awhile back, I wrote a very inspired entry on here about GMST (Getting My Shit Together) and receives an amazing amount of comment love and support. And, then, like what had always happened in the past, I promptly got overwhelmed with my life and felt I had to drop those promises made once again to just keep up with my daily commitments. The only thing worse than breaking a promise to a friend or a loved one, is breaking one to yourself. Right?

Well, I'm back. And, if it doesn't annoy you too much, I'm promising once again. Balance, fitness, and self-acceptance are my goals. Would you like to jump aboard for the ride or lurk around and shoot me a comment of support now and then? Perhaps you'd like to call me to the table, if I post this and then not mention anything about weight loss again for months as I did last time? I say to you--FINE AND DANDY! Go right ahead! I would appreciate you more if you did, in fact!

The signs are all pointing to go on this and I cannot turn back. Here's just a few of those signs that I really am open to reading right now in my life:

  • I'm writing an article on Type I Juvenile Diabetes for my magazine. Seeing what these kids go through and how a simple thing like NOT testing or not counting carbs could take their lives makes me realize how truly arrogant I have been in taking my Type II so lightly.
  • My much anticipated running shoes FINALLY arrived today in the right size. UPS rang the doorbell at 9 p.m., which they never do, with the delivery. AND, I planned to work out at 6 a.m. with a friend at our neighborhood fitness center. Tell me that is NOT fate!
  • I watched one of my favorite and most inspiring shows tonight where they recapped past contestants and if they kept their weight off. Most had done an outstanding job. One of my favorites that I followed was Amy last season because we have similar builds and height. She not only looks great, but is getting married to another great/favorite contestant!
  • I've followed Mel's quest and success with weight loss at The Amazing Shrinking Mom for probably close to a year now. She recently sent out a challenge and introduced me to two great sites. Fitday.com lets you log all your food and activities and maps out your carbs, protein and fat for the day as well as your activity levels. Using that, along with Dietfacts.com, I've started logging my intake for Mel's 10-day challenge. And, whoa! Is it eye opening. Instead of evenly eating carbs, protein and fats, I am eating over half of my food in carbs. That can't be good when you have a metabolic disorder as I have! I'm already focusing on more veggies and proteins for tomorrow.
  • From Mel's site, I also found a link to a blogger that I instantly found a connection with and have quickly added to my list of must-read blogs. Roni is truly an inspiration, and her blog is a wealth of information as well. We are almost the same height and when I look at what she's done, I am totally amazed and impressed. I hope that one day I can claim the kind of success that she's had. (And, I think she's quite gutsy and cool for posting her tummy tuck pictures as well.) She also has some great healthy recipes, so check it out!
  • My kids are moving 90-to-nothing with the back-to-school craziness and I have to be able to keep up! So, I'm really going to work on this thing, y'all.
So, I'll put it all out there. Anyone want to join me in this thing? There's nothing like fellow bloggers banding together to make something positive happen!

If not, can you put up with me blogging about this at least once a week for some time? I promise, it won't just be this and product reviews. I'll try to actually BLOG now and then too! HA!



Anonymous Angela said...

I know that you can do this! It's all about staying dedicated, and I definitely know that you have that in you! I'm also dying to hear how the running shoes are, so get a little running in for me ;)

12:06 PM, September 05, 2007  
Blogger Nicole said...

I'm on board! You're the one who inspired me to start eating better & exercising over 6 months ago and I feel so much better now. My husband has lost 40 lbs now and feels great, too! I know you can do it and I think it's great to blog about it because it keeps ya honest and drums up support ;-) Besides, it's your blog so you can write whatever you damn well please!

1:46 PM, September 05, 2007  
Blogger Aunt Vanessa said...

I'm right here with you. I joined Weight Watchers two weeks ago. Haven't had time to blog about it, but I will now. Good luck and write me anytime you need some support; I can definitely relate to what you're doing!

7:55 PM, September 05, 2007  

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